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What’s Up

July 1st 2022

  1. Posted FOR SALE by Tony Zang

June 30th 2022

  1. July Newsletter now posted.
  2. July 4th POT LUCK is on for Monday July 4th 10:30 – till…
  3. Next event is our Open House Saturday 8/20 Will you be there?

June 1st 2022

  1. Newsletter for June is posted.
  2. Photos of the workday are now on the website.
  3. Note PLUCKROSE Saturday 6/11 Be There!

May 24th 2022

  1. The Front Range Events Calendar has been updated.
  2. Field conditions and work for workday in a post you can view.

May 1st 2022:

The following has been updated.

  1. May Newsletter Posted
  2. Devil Dog startup will be this month trying for mid month – keep your eye on this site

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Repairs to the Field were Completed Sat 5/28

We had 6 members at our workday – Joe Tamborello, Dan Blanco, Ray Duffey, Bernie Olson, Wayne Perry, Norm Berger.

  • All open items were attended to.
  • We added stapps to hold the fire extinguishers in their cabinets.
  • We repaired lattice work by replacing all the rope restraints with wire. The rope was too far gone.
  • We reset the pole on the shed that lifted off and secured it with new fasteners.
  • We mowed the field – the battery was fully charged by the recently installed solar panel!
  • We reset the club banner that got dislodged in the wind.
  • Rocks were placed where there seems to be a  ‘creature’ digging around the container, hopefully this will discourage this activity.
  • We emptied the trash container and installed a new black plastic liner (One trash barrel took a walk and has not been heard from of late!)
  • The trash bin has been emptied.
  • The porta john has been serviced.