Club Objective

  1. Charitably promote the advancement of education in the science of aeronautics through the hands-on designing, building and flying of radio control model aircraft for research, education, surveillance, pleasure and recreation to the membership, and the co-mingling of members.
  2. To combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency by providing a structured environment for youth, for instructions in the building and flying of radio control model aircraft and fellowship and co-mingling with of the mature membership.
  3. To foster national and international sports competition in the competitive sport of building and flying radio control model aircraft in local and national competitive events sanctioned by the national Academy of Aeronautics, which is:
    • The world’s largest sport aviation organization, representing 2,500 clubs and a membership of more than 170,000 from every walk of life, income level and age group.
    • A self-supporting, non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote development of model aviation as a recognized sport and worthwhile recreation activity.
    • Is an organization open to anyone interested in model aviation.
    • Is the official national body for model aviation in the United States.
    • Sanctions more than a thousand model competitions throughout the country each year, and cetitifies official model flying records on a national and international leve.l