Kids Too!

This is a hobby that’s not just for the big kids. As a matter of fact, the young ones usually learn how to fly quicker. A good age to start is middle school age, 10 and up. Some aptitude for building things is helpful however with some very good ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) planes now available, you don’t need to build a plane from scratch to get up in the air. The fun of building planes can come sooner or later. It does take a dad, mom, grandparent, etc., who can devote some time. Even an ARF takes a few hours to put together. Flying R/C planes is truly a thrill for both kids and adults, and it can last a lifetime.

The cost is $300-$600 for airplane, radio, engine and accessories. Ongoing costs are minimal (unless you crash). Gas and a few props are all you really need, until you want another plane.

The Mile Hi R/C Flying Club has some excellent flight instructors and members who can help recommend planes and engines. If you’d like to experience it for yourself and think you’re interested, come out to the airfield on a nice day, any time of year. Someone is usually at the field flying on Saturdays and Sundays and mornings are your best bet. Read More.