Learn to Fly RC with Us

Flight Training & Instruction

MIleHi RC Club provides $FREE flight instruction training to anyone who would like to learn how to fly RC fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft.

Instructors are available to assist you in learning how to fly quickly and safely. They can advise and make recommendations regarding RC equipment and aircraft to suit your needs, interests and skill levels. We highly recommend that all beginners have flight instruction training from one of our club instructors.

Please email us to learn more and start the process CLICK HERE or learntofly@milehirc.com

MileHiRC Members are required to be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

While our instructors can start you with into flights you will have to join both MileHIi and the AMA.

More info on AMA and AMA membership can be found at  http://www.modelaircraft.org