We have just migrated our website to a new hosting provider.

We hope that there are no issues caused by this move; however, should you encounter any issues please let us know. webmaster@milehirc.com

We saved some money and hopefully we have a faster better supported hosting service now!

Please note the FORUMS tab is removed due to non-use.

We have added two links in the menu to groups.io.

In this case groups.io for Vintage RC Society (VRCS) so you can see how a group can be used.

We also established and have a link to a goups.io for Milehirc where you can join and post information you want to share with other members. 

You may join either group by signing up and then you may post information you might care to share with other interested modelers. You DO NOT need to be a member of VRCS or MileHiRC to join the groups.io websites.

Field & Equipment Status

Our mower has been set up for winter storage, the fuel has been winterized and the battery removed tobe kept on trickle charge for the winter.

The new Cub Cadet 4 cycle strig trimmer has been emptied of fuel and run out for winter.

Everything should ready for spring.

The field is in decent shape, the outhouse is cleaned recently and now goes to winter mode where cleaning will resume April/May 2021.

We have a few projects in mind for this spring:

Patch some runway holes.

Install some patio blocks at foot of trailer to avoid mud and make it easier to move mower in and out.

Cut weeds along the container with heavy duty cutter.

Review situation with chairs ot see what needs repair.

Review contents of the container and discard things we do not need.

There are several old barbeques and mowers, plus a number of old mower parts if anyone is interested.

2020-2021 Renewals

The normal renewal period ended on Saturday October 31st.

The combination lock at the field gate and lock box have been changed and those members who have renewed have been sent the new combination number.

Any renewals after this point require a $25 late fee be added to the dues amount.


March 2020 Centennial Airport Show

Saturday March  7th we attended our second Fly IN event at the airport to promote the club.

This beautiful SNJ flew in from Front Range Airport where it is based. Round engines do make the sweetest sound!

Here we have two lost souls trying to assemble a kit! No one asked, “What is a kit?”; however they did ask what we needed pins for! A lost art that unfortunately did not allow us to attact more interest!

This is a good event – gives the club some visibility within the community.Come on out next time we do this!

More photos in the 2020 Photo Gallery